My plan this Fall is/was to throw a 2-ish week long website quickie brand & design website workshop.

You'll work through a fun, actionable prep class a few weeks beforehand working through branding lessons and learning super essential and easier-than-you-ever-thought photoshop skills. Then, together as a small group, we will create designs in photoshop and leave this class with a website up and running.

MY goal here: to get women entrepreneurs the skills in a really easy + personable format (lessons are all 3 minutes are less... have you ever sat through a 1 hour long video lesson on using layers in Photoshop...I have!) to create designer-level-looking businesses & brands themselves. No more of this everyone-has-the-same color scheme and pretty glitter photo crap. I want to see us brand ourselves uniquely, and have the understanding to keep on building:

Keep developing your website! Sales pages whenever you want!
Marketing materials! Facebook freaking ads! No more waiting on
that fucking developer (I know, we suck)!

Here's the thing- I don't do traditional online-female 'prenuer branding. 

Lets talk creating your business's atmosphere. Let's talk about working with design connotations to sneak in peaks of your personality that make a brand a BRAND. Let's talk designing for your user's and buyer's experience, not just what you think looks pretty and Marie Forleo has it. Let me see your ideas, then give you mine, then we make something you.

Okay, the tangibles. Things that will be included for sure: one on one input and advice from me / tons of design inspiration and years worth of swipe files (with notes!) / dozens of layout ideas for all different website page types / font combo pairings and use cheats (steal my favs) / quick, digestible Photoshop video learning lessons / a pre-made website template via Headway Theme + Wordpress you'll have video lessons and tech week with me to get setup  / dissecting other brands and businesses with me to learn branding strategy, hands-on style / A whole new take on what you thought branding was, how fun design can be, and leave with a website that feels like you (finally, right?)

(I'll offer an advanced class after this- if you want to expand your website skills and get more hands-on help!)

I'm all for outsourcing if that's you, but there is power,
pride (and money) in DIY.

Sign up here if your interested, so I can feel it out if we all want to do this! Then I'll send out more details and timeframe.

Investment for this BETA run will be $375.

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